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Recalling the short film about dogs by the band “Portugal. The Man”

Last night I spent several hours listening to one of my favorite bands, “Portugal. The Man”. One after another, I listened almost to the 6 albums by this band from the USA leaded by John Gourley. And suddenly I remembered one of their videos, or rather an almost 13 minutes long short film with a sound track including two songs from the 2011 album “in the mountain in the cloud”: “sleep forever” and “got it all”. A film directed by Michael Ragen and produced by Richard Hutchins that is about John Gourley’s fictional trip through the snowy lands in Alaska by a dog sledge. The first part of the short film is almost idyllic, but it ends up becoming a true horror story. However, softened by the nihilistic melodies by “Portugal. The Man”. It’s worth watching. [iwwd]

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