1 m.pup Dog House Sofa

if we were dogs… we would have no trouble in sharing the couch with our pals at home, humans. Particullary if it’s a Dog House Sofa, where everyone has his own place, dogs and people. This beautiful and original piece was created by the South Korean brand M.Pup, which design was made under Seungji Mun‘s guidelines, product and furniture designer. The structure of this two-seater sofa is made of ecological wood, oak and ash, with cloth upholstery. The space reserved for the dog is under the armrest. Although, of course, the dog will sit wherever he wants. Aside from the sofa, M.Pup also manufactures an indoor minimalist kennel also designed with sustainable methods, made of birch plywood. The mat is also commercialized separately. It’s available in several colours.This is a further demonstration that South Korea is having a huge success in contemporary design.

2 m.pup Dog House Sofa

3 m.pup Dog House Sofa

4 m.pup Dog House Sofa

5 m.pup Dog House Sofa

6 m.pup Dog House Sofa

7 m.pup pet house

8 m.pup pet house

9 m.pup pet house

10 m.pup pet house

11 m.pup pet house

12 m.pup dog bed

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